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Our Team

Our team of friendly and highly skilled Osteopaths are fully qualified and trained to effectively treat adults, pregnant mums, newborns, children and the elderly.

Dr. Clare Gordon


B.App.Sc(Clin.Sc) B.Ost.Sc Grad.Cert.Paed. Member of Osteopathy Australia.

Clare Gordon is a fully qualified, registered Osteopath who graduated from RMIT University with honours.

Since then, she has worked overseas as an Osteopath in a variety of clinics in Ireland, USA and Italy and has been back in Melbourne now running her own business since 2005. Clare was formally the President of Victoria for Osteopathy Australia.

Clare treats patients from the newborn to the elderly, male and females, with a large variety of conditions. However, her main focus is on Women’s Health and Paediatrics. Clare has a lot of experience treating pregnant women, pre and post-natally. She has a passion for helping women through their journey of pregnancy as well as empowering and encouraging women to understand their body and its capabilities. About 50% of her clientele are children and babies and she enjoys helping them to feel more comfortable and be more at ease, creating a a big change in family dynamics as a whole.

Clare has done extensive post-graduate training for over a decade in Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy) and has completed all 9 adult courses. She has also completed all 3 of the Treatment of Children courses and additional Paediatric training, including a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Manual Therapy from Victoria University.

Clare was a regular participant in the Osteopathic Childrens Clinic run by the Melbourne Study Group during 2010-2015. She has also done Osteopathic courses in obstetrics and gynaecology and has attended numerous birth courses, including calm birth training.

In addition to her Osteopathic qualifications, Clare is also qualified in Neuro-Structural Integration Technique (NST), an advanced form of Bowen Therapy.

Dr. Wendy Geddes


B.App.Sc(Clin.Sc.), B.Ost.Sc. Member of Osteopathy Australia.

Wendy Geddes graduated from RMIT University in 1998 with a double degree in Applied Science (Clinical Science) and Osteopathic Science. 

Following graduation, Wendy moved to New Zealand gaining invaluable hands on postgraduate experience prior to returning to Melbourne in 2001. Since this time, Wendy has continued to practise a range of techniques, with many of Wendy’s treatments including a gentle form of Osteopathy known as Biodynamic Osteopathy in the cranial field.

Continuing professional education is important to Wendy and she has pursued her interests in a variety of settings. Wendy has completed numerous post-graduate courses relating to cranial and gentle balancing osteopathic techniques, as well as women’s health, babies and children. She has completed all 8 phases of Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and will be doing the final phase 9 in 2018. Wendy enjoys studying with other like minded Osteopaths, and was a regular participant in the Osteopathic children’s clinic run by the Melbourne study group from 2010-2015.

Working with a diversity of people, Wendy brings compassion and understanding in tailoring treatments to meet individual needs. Her experience as a mother in raising her own sons brings valuable insight when treating babies and children. Wendy is also passionate about how Osteopathy can benefit older people in maximising their wellbeing during the ageing process.

Wendy thrives on keeping fit and healthy by playing hockey, and takes great pleasure in assisting others to maintain movement and activity in their lives.

Dr. Jessica Gallagher


B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteopathy. Member of Osteopathy Australia.

Jessica Gallagher is a fully qualified, registered Osteopath who graduated from RMIT University in 2009.  

She uses a holistic focus, incorporating both structural and cranial treatment techniques and likes to tailor treatment specific to each individual. She enjoys treating a wide variety of patients but has a special interest in sport –  whether you are a weekend warrior or elite athlete. She is furthering her skills in the cranial osteopathy believing that life is about seeing the bigger picture and creating a holistic balance in today’s busy lifestyle.

Originally from Geelong, Jessica is also a professional athlete and has represented Australia at both the summer and winter Paralympics. She is Australia’s first female winter Paralympic medallist having won medals in Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014. She also won Bronze in Rio for cycling and therefore, she is our only Australian Athlete ever to have won medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics! Currently she is aiming her sights at the Commonwealth Games in 2018!

She is a global ambassador for Vision 2020 Australia, Disabled Wintersport Australia and Vision Australia and is a motivational speaker.

Dr. Jessie Wood


B.Sc.(Clin.Sc.).M.H.Sc.(Osteo) . Registered Osteopath.

Jessie Wood graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree and a Masters of Osteopathy in 2006.  

Since then she has been working in private practice in Melbourne, in multidisciplinary clinics alongside experienced osteopaths, myotherapists, naturopaths, podiatrists, exercise physiologists and psychologists. Jessie believes in a team approach to health care, and enjoys learning and sharing knowledge with other health professionals. 

Jessie was drawn to study osteopathy after her own experience of back injury as a teenager. It was the one therapy that worked for her, and she has been fascinated with osteopathic treatment ever since. Jessie has a particular interest in the treatment of back and neck pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunction , pelvic pain, pregnancy and paediatrics.

Jessie is continually expanding her knowledge in the treatment of babies and children, and her experience during her own pregnancies and in raising 2 small children provides great insight and empathy for her patients.

Rozzie Renshaw

Remedial Massage

Diploma of Remedial Massage . Certificate in Pregnancy Massage

Rozzie Renshaw completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Southern School of Natural Therapies in 2013 and has done further studies in Pregnancy Massage as well as Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Release.  

She enjoys working in a holistic environment and working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs to help decrease pain and improve range of movement with also aiming to relax the body and mind  

Rozzie is passionate about health and wellbeing and enjoys pilates, strength training and walks in nature during her leisure time. Rozzie is fully qualified to do Pregnancy Massage with a knowledge of how to vary her techniques if required. At Liforce, we are all about comfort and as such, we have a pregnancy cushion that allows pregnant women to lie face down. It can be adjusted to suit all shapes and sizes and is extremely comfortable – in fact, most pregnant women do not want to roll over!

Modalities offered are Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Relaxation Massages.

Dr. Anita Bing

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

B.HealthSc (Acupuncture) . Adv Dip Acupuncture . Cert IV in Traditional Chinese Remedial Massage

Anita believes in a holistic, natural approach to health. She works with clients to help them to harmonise their body and mind.  

She believes in educating patients which helps them empower themselves to gain optimum health.  

Her treatments consist of acupuncture, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture therapy, gua-sha, cupping, Chinese massage, Chinese herbs, supplements, dietary therapy, exercise and lifestyle advice.  These techniques stimulate the flow of qi and blood throughout the body therefore helping the patients in their well-being.

After going through 3 pregnancies, experiencing induction with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Anita now has a greater understanding of the process of birth. She promotes the use of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine during pre-conception/fertility (men and women) through to post birth. Acupuncture can offer women the choice to safely and effectively treat disorders that arise during pregnancy and postpartum. Acupuncture can be used for induction, as well as strengthening women after birth.

Anita also practices Pediatric Chinese Medicine and treats children. This can be done using needles, however most children are treated using laser instead and/or chinese massage techniques to move qi in their body. Techniques are chosen depending on the child. Through the use of Chinese medicine children restore balance in their bodies and mind. It is especially effective when they are sick to help their immunity and to recover quickly.

Anita has completed her Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture and Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) at Endeavour College of Natural Health (formerly Australian College of Natural Medicine). She has also completed her Certificate IV in Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage. She is registered with AHPRA and the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. She is covered by most healthcare providers.
Anita looks forward to helping all her patients gain better health and well-being.

Dr. Liz Cumming


Graduated in RMIT University

Liz graduated as an Osteopath from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2000.  

She has more than 300 hours of additional post graduate training in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy.  

Having spent her first 18 years of practise in Perth, she established and directed West Perth Osteopathic Clinic, employing 12 staff with a very diverse client base including many children, special needs clients, acute disc injuries, headaches and sports injuries. Liz has also worked alongside dentists to assist clients in adapting to dental appliances and has a special interest in management of dance related injuries.

Prior to her Osteopathic studies, Liz worked as a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet and several companies in Europe. Liz has attended Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates courses Level 1-4 and has done further Pilates instructor training with InSync Pilates and Physiotherapy. She has two teenage children and still enjoys keeping fit by doing professional level dance classes and running.

Dr Michelle Davids



Michelle is our South African born, British trained Osteopath.  

She studied at The British School of Osteopathy in London, receiving the prestigious Masters of Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree in 2012. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology (B.Sc Hons) from The University of Birmingham. 

After working for a few years in London and Nottingham, Michelle moved to Melbourne in 2015. She is friendly and approachable and enjoys treating people of all ages and backgrounds. She is trained in both structural and cranial osteopathy allowing her to use a range of hands-on techniques in order to treat a variety of ailments and health complaints.

She has a strong interest in treating back, neck and jaw complaints, as well as headaches. Michelle also enjoys and is experienced in treating babies, children and women pre and post pregnancy. She has trained and worked with a number of renowned paediatric and obstetric osteopaths and works closely with lactation consultants and midwives.

Michelle believes that the body, given the correct resources, has an astonishing capacity for self-healing, thus the focus of each of her treatments is to help facilitate these innate healing mechanisms.

Outside of the clinic Michelle can be found at the beach with her little girl and hubby, experimenting with gluten-free baking, travelling or being active (biking, hiking, walking, yoga) in the sunshine!