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New technology to help you disconnect.

Our high-tech age demands high-tech stress relief. Other methods are unnatural, time-consuming, unreliable. But NuCalm‘s patented, clinically-proven solution relaxes users without drugs, without delay, without fail. It’s stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect.

The Benefits of NuCalm

NuCalm holds the only patent in the world for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system without drugs

A balanced autonomic nervous system will:

  • Increase energy
  • Improve mood / emotional state
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Decrease stress hormone production (cortisol & adrenaline)
  • Lower heart rate
  • Slow breathing rate
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Increase blood flow / circulation
  • Enhance immune function

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress, improve sleep quality and affect the human Autonomic Nervous System – WITHOUT drugs!!

It takes you out of the fight and flight/stress mode that most of us are living in and promotes deep healing and relaxation. It works by using Neuroacoustic software that change the brain frequencies to reach a Theta state (where healing and recovery take place) and a Biosignal Processing disc that uses electromagnetic frequencies that biochemically help your brain to interrupt adrenalin and cortisol release.

What does a NuCalm session involve?

There is a 20 minute Power Nap and a 50 minute session that goes much deeper. This is ideally where we would encourage patients to start as it will give them the best benefits. However, the 20 min power nap is still very effective in it’s own way. The power nap is equivalent to 2 hours sleep and gives you an energy burst – amazing for any sleep deprivation to get through the day or simply for wanting to be more focused.

NuCalm is able to help with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Neurological conditions, Recovery from sport, Brain Fog, Mental Clarity, Overwhelm PLUS many more….

The Evolution of Stress

First, let’s look at the difference between human stress vs the stress of other animals – psychological stress vs. physical stress. A real stressor (a short-term physical danger) activates a survival stress response. This short-term stress response results in an adrenaline “rush”, resulting in high energy, increased blood pressure, intensified learning & memory; it also shuts off all non-essential systems, such as digestion, reproductive and growth systems, thus allowing your body to maximize your chances of survival. Once the physical threat is gone, all systems are quickly restored to normal working function.

Similarly, physchological stress elicits the same responses. Making your mortgage payment, going through a divorce, juggling your family, job and kids schedules, are all chronic, psychological stresses only created by humans. This results in an unreal and chronic stress response, triggering an unnecessary release of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. A constant state of psychological stress, often manifested by a lack of sleep, can result in a multitude of health issues (suppressed immune system, slowed metabolism, high blood pressure, etc.). This is just “a day in the life…” to us, but comes with dire physiological, neurological and biochemical consequences. Simply put, the evolution of the human body has not yet caught up to our new age lifestyle.

Meet NuCalm: our high-tech, new age demands high-tech, new age stress relief.

For more information about the science of NuCalm, you can read more on the NuCalm website here: NuCalm Science


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